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  • Our awesome gallery of clowns. See for ALL our great acts. See more great acts ideas at our main website:
  • Student in Hong Kong all lined up to get a balloon from the balloon clown at a corporate school eventJoker twisting balloons for Singapore International School students.
  • Kids love him!
  • Yan and Andy
  • Juggler in HK performing unicycle with 3 cups at a Children eventBenn unicycling at a kids party.
  • A Hong Kong funny clown performing the rope through the body trick with two volunteer helper from the audience , the try to pull the rope with tight on the entertainers body at a Xmas shopping mall functionThe rope through the body trick by Funny Benn.
  • Three walk around clown twisting balloons for the children at a school fairA huge demand at a school event.
  • Tony does balloon art and magic tricks for children at partiesTony the clown poses with kids at a party.
  • Tony with his rainbow umbrella at a carnival in Hong KongTony entertains with his magic tricks and performs with his rainbow umbrella.
  • Juggler riding unicycle and juggling whilst spinning a ball in his mouthAndys finale trick performed at a kids party.
  • Performer in HK putting his right hand up to the air and the audience is coping him at a corporate family eventAlso a big hit at another event.