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Fabulous Fat Brothers

  • The Fabulous Fat Brothers is a visually stunning act with giant inflatable costumes on stilts.
    Combined with music, comedy and over 15 different and distinct costumes, the Fabulous Fat Brothers is one of the best roving show-acts in the world. This act is a Performers Hong Kong exclusive. See more great acts ideas at our main website:
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  • Hong Kong stilt-walker in a blue inflatable coach costume pulling other stilt-walker in a red inflatable coach costume from a busFitness Coaches in our amazing costumes!
  • Hong Kong two stilt-walkers dressed as fat chef with giant inflatable chef costumesThe great food expert: Chef Costume.
  • Two giant inflatable stilt walkers walking around an airport terminal in Hong Kong with a gingerbread mascotPerforming for tourists at the HKIA. Always a big hits with there eye catching huge costumes.
  • Two HK stilt walker in inflatable giant security guard costumesFat Security Guards - very funny !!
  • Giant inflatable snowman on stilt at the Repulse Bay clubhouseOur snowman performing for guests at a Christmas party in Hong Kong.
  • Giant inflatable Choi Sun stilt costume at the Hong Kong airportGiant Choi Sun at the Hong Kong Airport.
  • Two Hong Kong stilt-walkers squeezing a man between them at the Cycberport Groovy Costumes at Cycberport.
  • Hong Kong inflatable giant Easter Bunny costume for Easter event Giant Easter Bunny with Easter eggs.
  • silt walker in Hong kong dressed as chefFat chef at Stanley Sports ground , Hong Kong
  • Stilt walker HKUHKU Medicine 130 Years celebration
  • Stilt walker in Hong KongAt the hospital launch
  • Stilt walker in inflatable fat formal attire costume at a cafe in Hong KongThe Fabulous Fat Brothers in formal attire.
  • Fabulous Fat Brothers