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Funny Benn

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    Starting as a juggler and unicyclist at Oxford University, Big Ben has constantly expanded his act to include all things funny.
    His one man circus and variety show has been seen in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, India and, of course, in his native UK. He entertains all ages, from adults at corporate dinners, to children at school shows, and from international arts festivals to private birthday parties. In South East Asia, he is one of the most popular artists in his field, personally performing over 350 shows a year since 1998. Whilst continuously developing his own skills through studying mime, stand up comedy and the like, he has also helped create nation wide interests in circus through his pro bono work in founding juggling and unicycling organizations throughout the world.
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  • Unicyclist performing three cups juggling on the unicycle at Hong Kong Shopping center corporate Christmas Carnival eventBenn performing for Cycberport Christmas Carnival.
  • Hong Kong juggler juggling Fire Devil stick under his leg at a corporate eventFire devil stick performance by Funny Benn.
  • Hong Kong talented clown climbing inside a giant balloon at a shopping mall event.He is the only one to do this act in HKHis famous trick - climbing inside the giant balloon , he is the only one to do this act in HK.
  • A Hong Kong funny clown performing the rope through the body trick with two volunteer helper from the audience , the try to pull the rope with tight on the entertainers body at a Xmas shopping mall functionThe rope through the body trick by Funny Benn.
  • HK juggler performing at a corporate shopping mall event ,  holding six cigar boxes with his chin and the audience are impresses by himFunny Benn performing his cigar boxes trick.
  • A professional clown in Hong Kong performing a funny Mini Elvis Presley puppet act at a corporate Christmas function in a shopping mallA funny puppet act at the APM - Mini Elvis Presley act.
  • Hong Kong Unicyclist performing three cups juggling on the unicycle at a Family day eventBenn performing at the Hong Kong Country Club.
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